Math Tutoring Service

Maine Math Teacher offers math tutoring, focusing on content from 7th grade math through AP Calculus.

Sessions may be scheduled using the form below. Payment will be through Paypal. Pricing is as follows.

Content 30 Minute Session 1 Hour Session
Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus $30.00 $50.00
Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 $25.00 $40.00
Middle School Mathematics $20.00 $30.00

All times listed are in the Eastern Time Zone.

Please be sure to provide details about the topic with which you need assistance so we can better prepare for our session.

Note that the booking system will not allow you to book a session less than 3 days in advance nor more than 3 weeks into the future.

Final confirmation will come in the form of an email with a link to the Zoom conference. This email will be sent after payment is processed. In the unlikely event of a conflict with the selected date, an immediate refund will be processed and we will make every effort to reschedule your session at a mutual agreeable time. A new invoice will be generated at that time.

Any cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the session to receive a refund of the fee paid.

If you wish to schedule a session for a date or time that is not listed as available, please email us at

Registering for Tutoring Sessions

In the form below you can use the controls to browse through day be day of our available sessions. Alternatively, you can click the date in the green box in the center and select a day you would like to view. Available classes will be shown, with times, below that date. Click on the session you would like to book and you will be able to select the session, enter information, and enter payment.

If you have ANY questions or problems, please do not hesitate to email us at